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Strausburg Railroad


Strasburg Railroad in Pennsylvania is the oldest operational railroad in the US opening in 1832. They are one of many small destination parks near Lancaster County. Rebuilding working steam locomotives is a significant part of their income as they are the experts who build Thomas the Train Engine trains that work and rebuild steam trains for other theme parks such as Walt Disney World.

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Max Doll

I was approached by an author with a series of books about a character named Max. The author wanted his character to be brought to life as a 3D plush. I was given his books to look for the best views to understand his character. There is always some translation that happens from 2D to 3D as there are adjustments needed to make things look right in 2D.

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GI Joe Search for the Yeti

When I accepted the Sr. Project Designer position at Kenner Toys in Cincinnati, Ohio for the Girl’s Toys Department, in the back of my mind was that it was one step closer to working on GI Joe. Hasbro had recently purchased Kenner; I was at least working for the company that made GI Joe. After I was an employee with Kenner for 4 years, I chose not to accept the position to relocate to the Hasbro main office in Pawtucket Rhode Island for various reasons. Instead of moving, I started a toy design firm Purple Suit, Inc. since I was known for wearing purple suits at that time (okay…I admit it, I still wear purple suits.) 

A year later, after I was no longer with Kenner, I got a phone call from Kenner as people remembered that I was a GI Joe huge GI Joe fan, and that department needed some support. I spent the next five years supporting GI Joe as an inside and outside vendor. Ironically, it was the longest length of time any designer spent on the large GI Joe team. 

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Dead Sea Squirrels


The Dead Sea Squirrels is a new animated series currently in the funding process. Its creator is the co-founder of VeggieTales and the voice of Larry the Cucumber – Mike Nawrocki. After finishing the pilot episode, they planned to use a crowdfunding site to raise money to complete the series. As part of the promotion, they would give a plush version of their squirrels to those who contributed over a certain amount.

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Zoo Friends