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Develop your product for manufacturing by experts trained with on-site work in Asia and Mexico.

Engineering Input Drawings

Show the factory what you need produced with views, dimensions, and details
Christmas candy unicorn inflatable input
GI Joe Missile drawing.jpg
Halloween Inflatable Headless horseman_A
Xmas mommy's present horse.jpg
GI Joe with MK47 grenade launcher input
GI Joe with MK47 grenade launcher cost i
CostInput_COBRA commmander electronic G-
GI Joe Cobra Commander 3G electronic fig

Cost Input

Get accurate quotes by providing exactly what the product is, all of its parts, and how each part is made.

Soft Goods Over Mechanism

A soft goods skill that requires engineering experience and innovative thinking to make sure it looks right and still moves right.
Fisher Price E.L.M.O. Elmo in
Fisher Price E.L.M.O. Elmo.jpg
Fisher Price E.L.M.O. Elmo in M motion.j
Plush skin over mechanism Gizmo Gremlins
Plush skin over mechanism Gizmo Gremlins
DR t-rex patterns pg 5B of 5.jpg
T-rex back stripe options.jpg

Soft Goods Release Package

Provide the factory with the pattern, fabric specifications and any other details needed to insure you get the soft goods you need.

Factory Interface

Need a factory to manufacture your product or need someone to manage the product with the factory? We can supply both.
Big bears 1.jpg
Plush Bears sitting.jpg
Stacy Bear Large Plush and hat with ears
Childrens cups - product art_panels.jpg
Childrens cups - product art_cups.jpg
space scene cup
dino label.jpg

On-Product Illustrations

Does your product need that final touch of production quality graphics? We are here to help.

Product Refresh

Do you have existing products that need refreshing? We can generate new costumes, styling, and fresh graphics.
bucky plush on one page-01.jpg
sparkle dive rings set.jpg
drenchers refresh.jpg
Phantom Manor Figure with reversable hea
early simba.jpg
Disney Alice in Wonderland White Rabbit
Disney Alice in Wonderland White Rabbit


Do you need rough sculpting for presentation models – we are here to make the complete model.
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