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Here's what other people have to say about Greg

Mike Nawrocki 


Veggie Tales

Ace Allgood

Small Business Owner & Toy Collector

Heady Wu

General Manager


Shanghai China

Daryl DePreist

Former VP Marketing


"I have been working with Greg for many, many years now.  We are very lucky that Greg is local because he is an amazing soft goods designer and typically, we have him over at our office to work hand in hand to create a skinned prototype.  Greg is a veteran of the toy industry and understands the challenges of toy development.  He also loves toys, and it shows in his work."

Steve Fink


Bang Zoom Designs

Connie Sauernheimer

Sales and Marketing Executive

"So many positive aspects to this man and his talents. He is one of the most creative people I know. He inspires people he works with, is an innovative thinker and builds enthusiasm for projects. Greg lightens up the atmosphere with a boyish charm and passion wrapped up in professionalism. But still with all that, he 'sees' the financial demands of projects and acts efficiently to bring product in at plan. He understands the 'big picture' and assists with projects 'outside of his realm' to ensure overall brand continuity. He truly is a pleasure to work with and I hope to be able to work with Greg again in the near future."

"Greg Autore is the ultimate professional. He has a complete skill set including his people, marketing, creative, and overall product knowledge and skills. He is very easy to work with having just the right balance of expecting results and showing respect."

Tim Jennings

Sr. Packaging Engineer


Peter Pook
Chief Designer

Spin Master Ltd.

"I worked with Greg on multiple anamatronic plush concepts while I was VP of product development at Play Along Toys. greg consistantlydelivered models that exceeded our expectations in function and aesthetics.He fully understands the nuances of making plush looks and movement cute and fun. Greg eeds very little direction and is easy & energetic to work with."

"An inspiring presentor of product concepts. I have seen lots of great products die over the years because of bad presentations. Greg always makes the product look good and exciting. I wish I could bottle his talent and enthusiasm and sell it to some of my clients."

Steven Hilko


Wendy All

Creative Director, Product Designer and Scientific Illustrator

"I've known Greg since 1985. He has never lost touch with the valuable "inner child" that we as Toy Designers so critically need to address the play patterns of children. Greg works miracles with plush design, and I've never known him to miss a deadline, even while juggling several projects. Greg will take a concept and turn it into something so much more, and you always have so much fun in the process"

"Greg has been a very good friend for many years now. We met through our love of the Boy Scouts (Cubs actually) where he was one of the most dynamic scout leaders I have ever come across. He was able to keep kids interested and engaged with little (at least shown) effort, though I know he put many hours into planning. He is innovative to a fault. I have seen him come up with some things I would have never thought of using little more than what might be laying on a desk nearby. Greg is outgoing, engaging, smart, listens extremely well, and can break the ice in nearly any situation good or bad with his wonderful personality. Please consider him as a prospective valuable asset to your organization. You will not be disappointed."

Jim Beard
Sr. Applications Consultant

Laserlinc Inc.

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