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What do you need? How do you want it to look? We can help!


We can work it our for you in 2D first. Always pushing for innovation.

2D preschool vehicle design fire truck.j
2D Make & Play - molding compound concep
Tyranasaurus colored 3.jpg
ZF characters.jpg
Male Bear proportion study.jpg
Plush Bears sitting.jpg

Character Design

We bring characters to life with the right look, personality, and background story.


We can help get the look exactly right to share your dream with others.

Gypsy vanner jointed running.jpg
Western Dressing doll with chaps.jpg
Halloween Inflatable Illustrations.jpg
Preschool pony with english and western
Pink Panther final front_edit.jpg
Disect a Doodle Monster.jpg
Disney Bolt talking plush.jpg
Evenflo Snugli Carrier.JPG

Soft Model Construction

Our specialty – difficult soft goods design/engineering that keeps stretching boundaries.

Hard Model Construction

Need a looks-like/works-like model in plastic? We can do it!

GI Joe Classic Collection High-tech with
navy EOD training figure and mine.jpg
Electronic Christmas Wreath animated Sin
ornament 3-4 closed.tif
ornament 3-4 open.tif
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