A short view of the wide range of support we offer

Licensed Plush

When your character must look correct – we are very experienced.


Girls Plush

Cute and cuddly – Got it!

Boys Plush

When you need soft and scary! 

Transformable Plush

A rare specialty which is tricky yet satisfying 


Action Figures

12” action figures: Still my favorite toys to make and play with!



Fashion Dolls

Glitz, glamor, action, and play patterns – What’s not to love?


Small Dolls

Cute and dazzling is available in all sizes 


Pool Toys

Adding innovation to classic pool toys.



Carry cases and environments for dolls and action figures to extend the play



Not your typical costumes; over-the-top is way more fun to make 


What is more fun that making toys for kids? Making a character come alive for the kids or commercials!



Soft Goods

Innovative soft goods construction beyond toys

Juvenile Feeding

Adding fun and innovation to feeding